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Task Management

Tasks are the basic actions carried out on Prowork. The list of tasks in a project appears in the centre task pane, while the task details (assigned members, attachments, time spent and notes) are shown in the task pane on the right.

To create tasks:
  • Simply type the task name in the editable field in the center pane
  • Select due date and time by clicking on the calendar icon
  • Click on the add button or press enter to add task.

Below is a guide to how Prowork help users delegate tasks and ensure privilege control:
  • Create tasks: Any project member can create tasks
  • Assign task to any project member: Project admin* and task creator
  • Rename Task: Project admin and task creator
  • Update task status: Project admin, task creator and task member
  • Delete task: Project admin and task creator
  • Add Task note: Any project member or follower

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