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Workspace Roles and Permissions

Workspace members contain people in your workspaces who can create, edit or view projects and tasks.

Prowork offers three member roles:
  • Admins 
  • Members
  • Followers
Admins have full privileges – more like the project gods. 

Members have lesser privilege - they are only gods on entities that belong to them - tasks, files and reports. 

Followers are people who are simply keen on the progress of the project and want to follow things happening in it. They can add notes to tasks though.

Workspace Permissions
Any Prowork account owner can create a Workspace.

The workspace owner can:
  • Add members to the Workspace
  • Give admin rights to members
  • Delete a Workspace if there are no projects on it.
Relationship between workspace and projects
  • Only Workspace Members can be made project members, and vice-versa.

Removing Workspace Members
  • A member looses all privileges as a project member once removed from a Workspace
  • If a project owner is removed from a project within the Workspace, ownership is transferred to the Workspace owner.

Moving Workspace Members
  • Existing projects and tasks can be moved between Workspaces.
  • Once a project is moved between Workspaces, the project members become Workspace members.
  • A Project can only be moved between Workspaces when the project owner is the same as the target Workspace owner.
  • Only a Workspace owner can move an existing project out of a workspace (into space or another workspace).

Workspace Projects are only visible to members. No one can see a list of all the Workspaces you belong to.

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